Club and School register

The following schools/clubs have a free delivery agreement customers selecting the free delivery option should visit the nominated official listed to collect their goods allowing around 10 working days for delivery.

Cheerleading Teams

-Saxon Stars- Jessica Reid


-Christ Church University- The Jolly Sailor Pub/Club Captain


-Chatham and Clarendon

Grammar School- Mr Richford, Head Of PE

-Cranbrook School- Mr Smith, Head of Crowdon House

-Pembrokeshire Schools Rugby- Johnny Llewhellin

-Spires Academy- Reception

-Sir Roger Manwoods School- Mr Pearce

-Sir Joseph Williamsons- Mr K Bailey

Mathematical School

-Sittinbourne Community College- Mr R Dengate

-St Anselms Catholic School- Mr M Henderson, PE DEPT

-St Faiths at Ash- Mrs Groves

-Thamesview School- Reception

-The Harvey Grammar School- Reception   

Health & Fitness

-Military Fitness Academy- Nick Hill  

-Strength Academy Wales- SAW Gym

Rugby Clubs

-Ash Juniors- Eleanor Sherratt

-Pembroke Dock Harlequins RFC- Huw Baker

Cricket Clubs

-Canterbury CC- Richard Durrent

-Haverfordwest Cricket Club- Simon Williams

-Horton Kirby CC- Dane Bull

-Llangwm CC- Joseph Kiff

-Noninton CC- Gary Coulson

-Sandwich Town Cricket Club- Paul Goatham

-Whistable CC- Steve Holness

Hockey Clubs

-Cliftonville Hockey Club- Julie Cobb

Football Clubs

-Cliffe Wood Colts FC- Ray Swatton

-Gravesham Town FC- Simon Parrot

Athletics Clubs

-North Kent MPC- Bill Bland  

Racket & Ball Clubs

-Thanet Squash Rackets

Club- Anita Reynolds

Martial Arts Clubs  

-Silverbacks Mixed Martial

Arts Fight Team- Paul Mcginty